As part of developing the store of the future with Nike, we created: Nike+ Trial Zone. The most digitally-advanced, true-to-sport product trialing experience ever created.

From interactive, motion tracking enabled basketball courts to fully immersive running experiences, Trial Zone serves one core purpose — to ensure people find the perfect shoe for their athletic and sport endeavors.

A year in the making, Trial Zone is a bespoke service we built from the ground up, that is now a leading experience at Nike stores across the globe — New York, Paris, Beijing, Miami, Moscow with more to come. Check out the below and feel free to find even more details here.

Trial Zone          
Client: Nike

Case Study

Trial Zone Experiences

Customers can pick the court to load on screen among a series of coveted courts from around the world. The experience starts with a series of eye-catching looping content introducing users to Trial Zone and allowing him some free play to warm up. Depending on the shoe he's trying on, the consumer will then be guided by a Nike athlete through a series of drills designed to test key performance indicators - like traction, lockdown, or responsiveness. The experience always ends with a buzzer beater game, challenging customers to score a jumper before the time runs out.

For the 20th anniversary of Space Jam, Air Jordan dropped a limited AJ XI inspired by the cosmic match-up between the Tune Squad and Monstars. We surprised Trial Zone users with a unique experience featuring the return of the infamous alien-ballers taking over Trial Zone to challenge the user to a cosmic rematch. During the trial, customers got the chance to perform the drills while immersed into a gloomy, Monstars-contaminated court environment, and take the buzzer beater that would defy the Monstars once and for all.

Featured on Architectural Digest, Business Insider, Highsnobiety, Nike News.
Honors: Cannes Lions 2017, Digital Craft, Shortlist.