While most fashion brands strive to capitalize on the trends of the moment, Red Wing Heritage makes boots for those who stand proud in their distinct ideas and identities, and never chase the trends and expectations that turn individuals into masses.

Out of Fashion is an ode to these people. As a tribute to them, we set out to create the brand’s first global campaign and showcase stories of real people who defy expectations and live life on their own terms.

Entire campiagn produced remotely amid Covid 19 pandemic.
Out of Fashion Since 1905           
Client: Red Wing Heritage

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Out of Fashion Hero Story #1: Want Show Laundry

Taichung, Taiwan

He’s 83, she’s 84, and they model other people’s forgotten laundry. Wan-Ji and Sho-er, the owners of Want Show Laundry (@wantshowasyoung) in central Taiwan have become Instagram stars for posing in left behind garments. Despite their overnight celebrity, Wan-Ji and Sho-er live by a simple philosophy: forget all the rules, but don’t forget your laundry.

Red Wing Heritage and Want Show Laundry Collab for Good

Inspired by Want Show Laundry’s creativity and commitment to circular fashion—by giving forgotten garments new life— we went in search of our own forgotten and left behind boots. This collection, curated by Red Wing Heritage and Want Show Laundry, includes unreleased prototypes, special editions, limited runs, and more. They are some of our rarest, unseen, and most exclusive styles, and we’re offering them up for auction in a collaboration for good.

Proceeds will be dedicated to the Want Show Laundry Redefine Project. This circular fashion initiative focuses on uniting Taiwan’s laundromats to sell long-forgotten items of clothing, covering unpaid garment cleaning bills, as well as benefiting other charitable causes in Taiwan.

Out of Fashion Hero Story #2: Bioni Samp

London, England

Nestled in a hidden corner of a London park is a small green hut that serves as the workspace of international DJ Bioni Samp. However, the enigmatic musician isn’t your average DJ — he composes music entirely from the sounds of bees. Using synthesizers of his own design, Bioni creates music to draw attention to the fragile ecosystem of pollinators.

Out of Fashion Hero Story #3: Erin Brown

Philadelphia, USA

Erin Brown isn’t your average cowgirl—she’s the Concrete Cowgirl. A life-long equestrian, Erin spends her days riding horses and running the Philadelphia Urban Riding Academy. Its mission: Preserving the life, legacy, and culture of Black urban cowboys and cowgirls in the city of Philadelphia.

Featured on AdWeek, Hypebeast, Complex, WWD, and Star Tribune to name a few.